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HomeBody Work Solutions (HBWS) is a website specifically designed to help home based business owners be successful in their online endeavors. We strive to provide resources, training, strategies and insight that will help give you the edge on your competition. HBWS was founded by K.A. Robinson on June 10, 2010. The initial purpose was to train and recruit HomeBody GDI affiliates and to promote the Global Domains International Opportunity.

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Big Yellow Sign Up Button Clickable To HomeBody Work Solutions GDI Sign Up Form This site has since grown to become a resource for various home based businesses pursuing various online marketing programs. Whether you’re a network marketer, affiliate marketer, work from home business or an Internet newbie looking to make some extra cash online, Homebody.WS is here to help. We truly believe that people helping people is the business model of the future. By joining our GDI Network you’re joining a group of like-minded individuals. Please notice the use of Google AdSense on either side bar. Please pay special attention to the advertisements in our sidebars because if you see any that you are truly interested in, simply visiting the link from this site would support our endeavors. We truly hope the information that you find on this site will help you be successful and feel free to e-mail us anytime at or give us a call at 215-908-8564.

Our mission is to provide services which will enable you to build a successful home based business.  With in that mission we will utilize all of our combined knowledge and leadership principles to insure that you succeed.  HomeBody goals support our mission to develop stable, reliable ways of enabling you to own and manage a rewarding and exciting home based business.  When you join the HomeBody Community, you are welcomed into a family of people who share the similar ideals of integrity, confidence and belief in helping each other.  If the HomeBody mission becomes your mission, you will find that you do not stand alone.  HomeBody Affiliates will train you and help you build your business from the beginning.  The HBWS will continue to create resources with your best interests at heart.

HomeBody  stands ready to support you and to help you resolve any challenges you might face.  We seek ways to improve not only our services, but the support and training systems you need to achieve your goals.  We will always look for better ways to acquire, train and support our Network and expand our collective resources so that in the end, all of us will benefit.  We invite you to join us and to begin a journey of education and growth that will serve your process of building your successful company or organization, online.

The HomeBody Learn-Do Cycle (Get Paid To Learn)

We will teach you how to build and grow any business online, you can use this training for programs like GDI, MCA, Google Adsense, or to promote your own company or opportunity.  In the age of information, you will need to learn things buy doing them, we show you how to gather content, make sense of that content, and use it to recruit others to your business. This is the basis for The HomeBody Learn-Do Cycle Shown Below

Getting Started With HomeBody GDI (Plain)

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Use Global Domains International / Build Your Brand

Who Is HomeBody Work Solutions?

Services Provided Through Our GDI Network:

  • One on One Strategic Planning Session – Skype
  • Free Website Development
  • 1 Free .ws Domain Name – (ie)
  • Website Hosting – Can be used to build custom sites or use templates
  • 10 Emails Accounts To Your .ws or other website domain
  • Automatic WordPress Integration – create up to 5  websites on 1 account.
  • Access To The HomeBody Members Only Site For ALL HomeBody GDI Network Affiliates
  • Hours Of Video Tutorial on SEO, Website Development
  • Free Email Auto Inviter System
  • 200 Free Home Based Business Leads
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • The Best Training & Support For Internet Newbies Hands Down!

$100 for Every 5 Referrals Monday – Sunday *Every Week (ie.)10=$200,15=$300,..75=$1500,etc.

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How FreeGDI.Com Works To Build Your GDI Team Learn how we help you Build Your GDI Team While We Teach You How To Build Your Brand Online,  FreeGDI.Com Is just One Example. The chart below explains how it all works. Just click the chart to watch a video , Just Click Any Where On The Chart To Watch a Full Video Explanation   HomeBody GDI Affiliate Chart   Remember to ask how you can make HD videos likes ours as soon as you sign up!   Just Click The Big Yellow “Get Started Today!” Button Below To Get Started!

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